Apple Music Family VS Spotify Premium Family

Apple Music family plan vs Spotify family plan is now a major debate that needs consideration. Having difficulty deciding which premium plan to subscribe to? Let this article help you choose which popular music streaming service is perfect for your family.

What Is Spotify Premium Family Subscription?

Spotify Premium Family Subscription

Spotify’s Family subscription lets you share Premium privileges with up to six members, including yourself. This includes ad-free continuous playback, high-quality streaming, offline listening, and unlimited skips.

What Is Apple Music Family Subscription?

Apple Music’s Family plan offers almost the same deal with ad-free playback, lossless audio streaming, offline listening, and exclusive content for its users. You can also have up to six members in the family subscription.

Factors You Should Review to Decide Between Apple Music Family VS Spotify Premium Family.

Since both family subscription plans have almost the same features, let us get into the minor details that will differentiate the two.

  1. Tarification

    Spotify used to offer plans a dollar cheaper than Apple, which could have swayed some customers in their favor. However, the company has become confident in its service to be a direct competitor of Apple Music. Spotify recently increased its Premium prices, putting it at a level with Apple Music’s Family plan, which costs $16.99 a month.

    Both family plans can be shared among six family members. This translates to only spending $2.83 a month per person. That’s a really good deal compared to either company’s individual subscription, which costs $10.99 monthly.

    So, in terms of price, either one is a good choice.

  2. Music Library

    Any music lover would be delighted to use either music streaming service as they both offer a wide range of tracks to satisfy all music tastes. Their music library contains songs, podcasts, and live streams from various artists across the globe.

    Both services give personalized recommendations for every family member based on each of your listening history. They also put out curated playlists from the editors, which would give you something fresh to listen to every week.You can also download music files for offline listening on both streaming apps. This means hours of music playback even without internet service. You can listen to your favorite songs and podcasts on your daily commute and even when you’re out in the wilderness.

    One advantage of Apple is that its music library has over 100 million songs, compared to Spotify’s 80 million tracks. You will probably find all of your favorite tracks in Apple Music.

    Another edge that Apple holds is its lossless audio file compression. Generally, in music tracks, the larger the file size is, the better audio quality it has. With Apple’s technology, they are able to give their listeners the best sound quality without consuming too much storage.

    On the other hand, Spotify lets you build fun, collaborative playlists with your friends. This adds more thrill as your friends surprise you with the tracks they add to your collab playlists. It could certainly widen your musical awareness and make your listening habits more exciting.

  3. Devices

    You can stream Apple Music on any device that supports the iCloud Music Library or Apple Music App. You can use up to 6 devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, HomePod speakers, CarPlay, etc.) at a time with the Family plan. This is the same as Spotify’s family subscription, which supports six devices streaming at the same time.

    A cool device feature Spotify has is Spotify Connect. It enables users to stream music directly from the cloud using their speakers. This consumes less power from your phone, giving you more music time.

    Both Apple Music and Spotify can be streamed on smart TVs, gaming consoles, and any device that supports their music app. Both are compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices, letting you enjoy your music anytime, anywhere, and anyhow.

  4. User Interface

    Both music streaming services sport an intuitive user interface. Each has a simple, easy-to-understand layout that makes the user experience more enjoyable. But, as is their signature, Apple Music has a more minimalistic look overall.

  5. Features

    One cool feature that both streaming apps have is the Lyrics tab. When you’re connected to the internet, the song lyrics of the currently playing track are automatically downloaded. It also scrolls automatically, letting you follow in real-time. You can use this feature to have a fun karaoke night with your family and friends.Another feature that Apple Music offers is what they call Spatial Audio. It gives users of spatial audio-supported devices a more immersive listening experience.Conversely, the long-awaited Spotify HIFI is a feature that gives listeners lossless audio tracks. This means that the resolution is CD quality, and the sound is as close as possible to the original recording track. However, this feature is yet to be released by the company.

Tips to Make a Wise Decision

It certainly isn’t easy to choose between the two services, as they each have their own advantages. To further assist you in choosing the right subscription, here are some tips you can try.

Consider Your Location

With the Apple Music Family plan, any of the members can reside in different houses as long as they are in the same region or country. Apple Music does not require family members to live under one roof. Provided the members reside in the same country, they can enjoy access to the Premium Family subscription.

The Spotify Premium Family subscription, on the other hand, requires all of the members to live in the same address. Spotify verifies this through the acceptance of the Family plan invitation, wherein each member must input the exact same address as the plan manager. Failure to do so will forfeit your access to premium services.

Redeem the Free Trial Offers

Both Apple Music and Spotify offer at least a month-long trial of their premium music services. You can enjoy everything their premium plans offer, without limitations. This will give you the real experience and feel of availing of their premium subscriptions.

Apple offers a 1-month free trial to anyone who has not yet availed of their premium plans. In addition to that, they are awarding three months of free subscription for users with a new Apple device. This offer is valid only until August 21, 2023.

On the other hand, Spotify has always offered a 1-month free trial for those who have not yet experienced any Spotify Premium plans.

By the end of the trial periods, you should be able to compare the experience between the two and favor one of them.

In Conclusion

In the battle between Apple Music family plan vs Spotify family plan, the better music streaming service is still up to you. You can enjoy both streaming services on almost any device, and are even cross-platform compatible.

Whichever service has more songs you like, is more convenient to use, and is favored by your family members is the true winner. Let your preferences guide your choice, and the music library collection be the judge.

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