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When you think of types of social media platforms, you’re probably thinking of popular channels such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

But do you know that there are many other types of social media apps that you can use to reach your social media optimization goals? For instance, little-known discussion networks such as Quora, Reddit, and Digg are perfect for answering questions relating to your industry or brand and for creating customer community groups.

Similarly, social audio apps such as Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and Facebook Live audio rooms can help foster intimate conversations with your audience while also enhancing engagement.

In this post, we take a detailed look at the different types of social media that can help you come up with a more targeted and informed social strategy.

Discussion Networks

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Discussion networks are often used to hold discussions about particular topics. They also ask and answer questions and create communities. Examples of popular discussion social networks include:

·         Quora

·         Reddit

·         Discord

·         Digg

As a business, you can use discussion forums to build your credibility as an expert in your industry. Answering questions correctly and honestly can also build the credibility of your brand. Additionally, such social media apps can help you connect with your customers and to build communities around your brand or product.

Moreover, since discussion forums are often safe spaces for consumers, customers give their honest views about brands and their products. Brands can take note of such feedback and suggestions and use them to come up with more informed marketing strategies. Discussion forums are also perfect for market research as consumers give their views openly.

Further, positive reviews, recommendations, and referrals from discussion forums can influence new consumers to buy your products.

Image-Sharing Networks

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Image-sharing social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Flickr allow users to upload and share images.

Image-sharing apps are perfect for capturing your audience’s attention. Most people have a limited attention span, and with so much information at their disposal, data can become overwhelming. Further, most customers simply skim through content when looking for products online. This is why image-sharing social media apps are the perfect motivation to encourage your audience to stick around and explore your products in detail.

Other benefits of using image-sharing social media platforms as part of your marketing campaign include:

·         Visually stimulating Images add a splash of colour to your brand

·         These apps are excellent for businesses in niches such as food, fashion, home décor, and art and design

·         Images are more shareable, which increases the visibility of your brand

When using image-sharing sites, keep your audience at the top of your mind, as the images you share should seize the attention of your target audience. Another tip that can help you use photo-sharing apps effectively is to be intentional when selecting your images. You don’t want to use an image that will reflect badly on your brand. Also, try to maintain a consistent visual content style, as this will grab the attention of your potential customers.

Video Social Media

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Video-sharing apps allow users to create, upload, share, and view video content. Examples of such social media networks include:

·         YouTube

·         TikTok

·         Instagram stories and Reels

·         Facebook watch

·         Vimeo

·         DailyMotion

Video content is one of the most popular forms of content online.  In one recent study, it was reported that video accounts for almost 50% of all time spent on Facebook. Another video statistic worth noting is that YouTube is used by 95% of US teens, making it the most popular social media network among Gen Z. It’s also projected that social video advertising will reach $79.28 billion by 2024.

Some of the benefits of using video apps for business owners include:

·         Video social media apps present information in an informative yet exciting way

·         To build brand awareness

·         Video helps build strong credibility with your audience as it appeals to them emotionally

·         Videos have a bigger reach

·         Video compels your customers to take action

Audio Social Media

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Audio social media are what’s social media popularly refers to as voice-based social media. These types of social media channels use audio communication instead of text, images, or videos. Users record themselves telling stories or discussing topics and share the audio with their audience. Some audio apps have chat rooms where the listeners can also participate in the conversation. Unlike textual content, sometimes limited to a number of words, audio social media gives the user a chance to explain a topic in depth.

Examples of voice social media apps include:

·         Clubhouse

·         Twitter spaces

·         Facebook live audio rooms

·         Spotify greenroom

·         Discord

·         Social audio

Some of the benefits of using this form of social media for your business include:

·         There is less competition as few businesses use audio social media apps

·         More nuanced conversations as you’ll have plenty of time to discuss a topic in depth

·         Increases your brand credibility as the in-depth conversation shows your audience you know what you’re talking about

·         Increases customer reach as it reaches people who may be interested in listening to in-depth conversations

·         Enhances attention and engagement as it’s an engaging way of sharing content

·         Few ads compared to other social media channels

Blogging Networks

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Blogging networks such as WordPress help you to create a social networking website where you can publish and share your thoughts, voice, or opinions on interesting topics.  Blogging helps share a topic in detail which is advantageous in instances where complex topics are better explained through a blog post. Blogging is also an excellent way to build your brand’s voice.

Examples of blogging social networks include:

·         Medium

·         WordPress

·         Tumblr

·         Blogger

·         Blog meets brand

Blogging sites can help businesses owners to:

·         Provide customers with a constant flow of information

·         Blogging helps generate leads and convert them into sales

·         They give an in-depth insight into certain topics or products sold by a brand

·         Helps share company news

·         Blogging can build your reputation as an expert in your industry

If you’re just starting on social blogging, you can use the below tips to grow your blog:

·         Plan a content calendar

·         Keep your brand voice consistent

·         Post consistently

·         Schedule your social media posts

·         Be an expert in your niche

·         Encourage feedback


You are now informed about the different social media apps available and their benefits. Hopefully, you’re itching to get started on the above social networking sites. So, go on and use the ones that align with your niche or business goals, and it’s a safe bet that they will benefit your brand.

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