Have you ever followed a band on their every tour? If you said yes, you are in luck because Spotify has one of the best features for loyal listeners and that is presale codes.

Spotify is known for offering amazing sound quality, millions of songs, and podcasts for free, and if you want additional features you can always pay for Spotify Premium.

But, with many great features, we want to focus on one particular and show you how to get Spotify presale codes. Just like everything else, it will take some effort and luck. So make sure you are investing time in your Spotify growth and let’s get into today’s topic.

What does Spotify Presale mean?

Presale codes on Spotify mean that loyal fans get a special email from Spotify with a code for purchasing tickets for the concert of their favorite artists.

This can be an amazing feature if you are a loyal fan of any group on Spotify, and there are millions to choose from. In addition, you don’t even have to be a Premium Member to be eligible, so everyone with a Spotify account can get access to tickets.

Besides getting the Spotify presale code, you can also have special access to exclusive merch items from the mentioned band, and it’s usually only available on Spotify. For true fans of music and bands, this can be a life-changing experience.

But, how does someone get this codes, and can you do it too? Keep on reading to know where to find Spotify presale codes.

How to get Spotify presale codes?

Spotify is an amazing platform that works with algorithms that can make the whole listening experience more personal and better, but they are also enabling Spotify to determine who is the biggest fan of certain bands.

This is very important because this is all you have to be to become eligible for presale codes. 

It doesn’t matter if you have a Premium account, or how active you are in general, although being active on Spotify and making a playlist can be quite lucrative. You can receive the presale codes and have the concert tickets before everyone else.

Here is what you need to do:

Have an active Spotify account

If you want presale concert tickets, you need to have a Spotify account, be logged in, and listen to your favorite music often. Since loyal listeners are rewarded with deals on concert tickets 

You need to be lucky considering that this is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world, but the good news is that anyone with a passion for music has a chance to get presale concert tickets.

Enable notifications from Spotify

Another equally important thing you need to keep in mind is the notifications. You need to make sure you provided Spotify with the correct email address and that your notifications are turned on.

This is easily done if you find the “notification settings” on Spotify and turn on the notifications for ‘Concert Notification‘ and ‘Artist Updates‘. This will let Spotify know that you are interested in upcoming concerts, and with a bit of luck, you will be the one who receives the email with the presale code.

Final Thoughts

Getting the best offers and concert presale tickets is easy when you are passionate about some band and love to listen to their music on Spotify. As long as you are one of the people who listen to them the most, your chances of getting exclusive offers will increase.

Always keep your Spotify account active and make sure you are growing the number of followers.

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