Spotify is one of the best among the major streaming platforms. They support millions of creators by hosting their music for free on the platform. This has led to acquiring millions of tracks in their library and gaining billions of fans who love listening to music and podcasts.

In the spirit of Spotify’s aim to bring music closer to people, they even created the Concerts section on their platform. Not many people are aware of it, but the Concerts feature has been available on Spotify since 2015.

Spotify Concerts lets users know about upcoming events near you, whether they are virtual performances or in-person events. It works by matching your music tastes and music recommendations to find the perfect concert near you.

How to Find Concerts on Spotify?

Check out if your favorite artists have upcoming gigs. If you’re a Premium user, you can go to the specific artist’s page to look at their gig schedule.

If you’re a regular user, here are the steps on how to find events using a computer or your mobile device:

On Desktop

If using a computer, you can either do it using the Spotify web player or via the Spotify desktop app

1.    If you have the desktop app installed, open it. Otherwise, open a web browser and go to Spotify web player.

2.    Click “Search” on the menu to the left.

3.    Under “Browse all,” look for the “Concerts” tile and click it.

4.    On the Concerts page, it will populate the list of events in your area or near you. You can change the location by clicking the place beside “Shows In” and type in your city.

5.    Event tiles will appear as a search result. Each one contains the details of upcoming concerts like the date, time, event title, and the specific location. Click on a specific event title to view more concert details.

6.    On the event page, you will see the bunch of artists who will perform under “The Lineup” and even a sample of their songs that you can listen to right on Spotify.

7. You can also get details on how to secure your tickets there by clicking the “Find Tickets” button just below the event schedule. This will open up a web page which has the info on where you can buy your tickets. It can either be purchased online in advance or at the venue on the event day itself.

Using the Mobile App

1.    Open the Spotify mobile app on your device. Log in if you haven’t done so yet.

2.    Tap “Search” at the bottom of the screen.

3.    Tap the “Concerts” tile located under “Browse All.”

4.    The “Concerts” page will show the event listings near you. You can look for current concerts in a different place by tapping the “Change Location” button. Enter the new location in the search bar and run the search.

5.    Tap an event to see the details. Check out the lineup of performers and also listen to their music by tapping on the artist names or songs.

6.    Get information on tickets for the event by tapping the “Find Tickets” button. This will open up a web browser page where you can secure presale tickets.


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