The 10 Best Podcasts on Spotify

Interested in knowing what is the top podcast on Spotify? Find out which podcast reigns supreme in this article. Also, get to know other podcasts that are as equally interesting as the top show.

Why Podcasts Are so Popular

Podcasts have become so popular due to the fast pace of our world. Podcast listeners are forced to multitask. They feed their mind with podcasts during their commute or as they perform mundane tasks to not waste any time.

Free educational podcasts abound on major platforms, which also contributes to its growing popularity. So, if you haven’t tried listening to podcasts before, this is the perfect opportunity to start.

10 Best Podcasts on Spotify

You may not see titles on the podcast charts in this list as you may have already encountered them in other articles and we don’t want to be redundant. Instead, we have curated a mix ofpopular podcasts and some hidden gems that more people should start listening to. The following podcast titles are not arranged in any order.

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience

    Genre: Society, Comedy

    Host: Joe Rogan, UFC Commentator and Comedian

    Schedule: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

    Duration: 2 to 3 hours

    Since its debut on Spotify in December 2020, the show has been hailed as the number 1 podcast of the year globally and has done so for two consecutive years.

    Podcast host, Joe Rogan, invites renowned guests from various fields to discuss relevant topics and literally anything under the sun. During the show, they share fascinating stories on art, entertainment, politics, health, technology, education, society, and everything in between. The true story and experiences the guests share keep the show interesting and lively for its listeners.

  2. TED Talks Daily

    Genre: Educational, Technology, Design & Architecture

    Host: Elise Hu, Journalist

    Schedule: Every weekday

    Duration: 10 to 30 minutes

    TED Talks Daily is an offshoot of the TED Talk videos that have gone viral throughout the years. In these short clips featuring the world’s most interesting people, you will encounter thought-provoking ideas that will challenge and motivate you to rethink the norm. Always filled with a hopeful and optimistic tone, listeners are inspired to make changes for the betterment of our future.

  3. The Ben Shapiro Show

    Genre: News

    Host: Ben Shapiro, Lawyer and Political Commentator, Editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire

    Schedule: Monday to Friday

    Duration: About 1 hour

    In these hour-long commentaries, Jewish-American lawyer Ben Shapiro fearlessly discusses relevant news today. He delivers facts and hard-hitting truths in a most principled and conservative manner. If you like staying updated with current events and don’t want any bias or sugar-coating, then this podcast is for you.

  4. Huberman Lab

    Genre: Science, Health

    Host: Dr. Andrew Huberman, Professor at Stanford School of Medicine

    Schedule: Mondays and some Fridays

    Duration: 90 minutes to 3 hours

    Dr. Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist and ophthalmologist who loves sharing his discoveries and insights about the human body. He explains in simple terms the science behind our brain and its role in our thought processes, behaviors, and overall health. His deep understanding of our brain has led him to breakthroughs in improving human health and condition.

    If you’re constantly stressed and want to learn about simple techniques to overcome it, this is your show. Understand your mind and body better and know how to take care of them in this incredibly informative podcast.

  5. Call Her Daddy

    Genre: Comedy, Sex, Relationships

    Host: Alex Cooper

    Schedule: Every Wednesday

    Duration: 26 minutes to an hour

    Alex Cooper started the Call Her Daddy (CHD) podcast with roommate and co-host Sofia Franklyn back in 2018. They combine giving advice and sharing embarrassing and hysterical personal stories about sex. The show’s hilarious approach to the topic of sex and relationships takes the taboo into approachable territory.

    Since doing the podcast on her own in 2020, Alex turned her focus on getting valuable advice from doctors, therapists, and celebrity guests who have gone through struggles of their own. She hopes to empower the women and girls who avidly tune in to her podcast.

    Of course, the podcast is still a great source of juicy gossip spilled by none other than the celebrity guests themselves! So, if this is your cup of tea, you’ll have the best time listening to her shows.

  6. The Bill Simmons Podcast

    Genre: Sports, Sports & Recreation

    Host: Bill Simmons, “The Boston Sports Guy”

    Schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

    Duration: 1 to 2 hours

    Considered one of the best sports writers in the U.S., Bill Simmons further entertains us in his discussions with Cousin Sal, Joe House, celebrity guests, athletes, and media personalities in this sports podcast.  He deep dives into the nitty-gritty and politics of the sports scene in the country. If you’re a hardcore sports fan, you should certainly listen to his show.

  7. The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

    Genre: Philosophy

    Host: Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, Psychologist

    Schedule: Mondays and Thursdays

    Duration: 100 minutes

    In Dr. Peterson’s podcast, he gives lectures and interviews prominent persons in the field of psychology, sociology, and related fields. He delves into the human psyche and explains how culture and people are influenced by various factors. The intellectual discussions in every show give listeners a new understanding of themselves.

  8. The Adam Ragusea Podcast

    Genre: Food

    Host: Adam Ragusea, YouTube chef

    Schedule: Mondays

    Duration: 40 to 60 minutes

    In these hour-long investigative podcasts, Adam Ragusea tackles food, nutrition, and cooking questions that we may or may not have even wondered about. He takes on topics in a scientific fashion that will not leave any questions unanswered. If you enjoy listening to his discussions about food and food-related topics, you may head on over to his YouTube channel, where he also uploads easy recipe videos for home chefs.

  9. Serial Killers

    Genre: History, True Crime

    Hosts: Greg Polcyn and Vanessa Richardson, award-winning voice actors

    Schedule: Mondays

    Duration: 30 to 40 minutes

    In this true-crime podcast by Spotify, podcast hosts Greg and Vanessa narrate true crime stories perpetrated by notorious and even the not-so-famous criminals of all time. The show dissects the minds and motives of the killers in this gripping retelling of gruesome events in the history of mankind.

  10. Office Ladies

    Genre: Comedy

    Host: Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, The Office co-stars and best friends

    Schedule: Wednesdays

    Duration: 50 to 90 minutes

    The Office actresses, Jenna and Angela, star in this comedy podcast, where they share personal stories behind the scenes of the show. They provide a thorough analysis and hilarious insights on each episode of The Office.

How Can You Pick the Podcast That Suits You Best?

You can search the internet and find numerous lists of the “best” podcasts to listen to right now. But, ultimately, the choice of which shows to follow still boils down to your personal tastes. The podcasts you will like will probably be the ones discussing topics that are interesting to you. 

To help you pick podcasts you’ll love, you can try using Spotify’s search feature. Look for shows based on the categories that are relevant to you. Then try listening in on a few of the recommendations.

Final Word

Spotify is home to thousands of podcasts that you can listen to for free. Partake of this knowledge that these great people freely share. We can all learn a lot from these podcasts. 

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