Spotify Plays Random Songs?

Your Spotify account represents your own customized library of favorite songs that you have collected throughout the years. You make sure that all your favorite artists and their songs are on there to play with just a tap on your phone. Your Spotify is your sanctuary – your reservation that gives you peace through sonic harmony.

Sometimes, though, Spotify has other ideas and decides to disturb your listening peace. Spotify suddenly plays random songs that are not within your musical tastes! Spotify playing random songs can surely ruin your listening time. Especially if you are like us and treat listening to music as a sacred time of reflection and enjoyment.

Why is Spotify playing random songs? That is what this short read cares to uncover, along with some answers and solutions to stop Spotify from playing random songs.

Reasons Spotify Plays Random Songs

Spotify playing random songs

There are a few reasons that Spotify plays random songs that you don’t dig. Let this section discuss why Spotify does random song selection on your playlist.

1.  Spotify’s Autoplay Feature – Autoplay automatically plays the next song on the queue after one song plays. Spotify can play songs that it thinks you would like just because it can. Sometimes there are random songs included on your playlists. You might have accidentally added them there.

2.  You are playing a Discover Weekly Playlist – Spotify has the Discover Weekly playlist, which is a mix of songs and artists that Spotify thinks you might appreciate based on other songs that you have already liked or played on the Spotify music streaming services platform.

3.  Cache files on your Spotify app – Using the app lets your mobile device save cache files like cookies and other files, which makes using the app smoother and faster. These files sometimes let Spotify play songs that you have not queued to play.

4.  Other users that use your account – If your subscription supports unlimited device logins like a family subscription, other users using our account might accidentally add songs to your playlists.

5.  From listening to random songs on other platforms – Sometimes, you will have to listen to some random songs on other platforms that are linked to your Spotify account. These apps include Shazam and Discord and because of Spotify’s autoplay mode feature, random songs from these platforms are sometimes added to your Spotify playlists.

6.  Your Device is not updated – Your mobile device, whether it be an Android device or an Apple device, will need constant updating of its Operating System to its latest version. If you somehow forget to update your OS, there may be a possibility that your Spotify will act up and play random songs.

7.  You Use a Free Plan – Not Upgrading to Spotify Premium means your Spotify use is at the mercy of the app developers. You will only enjoy listening to music the way Spotify wants you to. Premium users encounter fewer of these random songs playing on their playlists.

8.  The App lacks updating – Like how an un-updated operating system on a mobile device causes random songs to play on your Spotify, failing to update the Spotify app to its latest version may cause the same problems.

How to Stop Spotify from Playing Random Songs

Random songs that do not suit the current mood or occasion can easily kill the vibe. Imagine having a party at your place, and a random corny song comes on to play. Or your yoga playlist suddenly plays hard-hitting, center-losing heavy metal.

You meticulously put together songs to be life’s accompaniment – don’t ever let random songs ruin this! Listening to only the songs you want to isn’t asking for too much. Luckily, having just that doesn’t ask a lot from you.

Here are the answers to the top reasons why Spotify could be playing random songs from your playlist:

1.      Spotify’s Autoplay feature – Turn off this feature and you avoid being the victim of the algorithm’s propensity to play random songs.

Also, take time out to review your playlist for songs that you may have accidentally added to the queue. This way, these songs will have no possibility to randomly play and disrupt your listening session.

2.      You are playing a Discover Weekly Playlist – Switch to another playlist you made.

Discover Weekly is a Spotify feature that is filled with songs within the genres that Spotify thinks you will also dig. The majority of these will be artists and songs that you will hear for the first time. So, if you aren’t feeling musically adventurous, go ahead and play a playlist of songs that you are familiar with.

3.      Cache files on your Spotify app – Clear your Spotify App’s cache on your phone. Go to your phone’s settings represented by the gear icon on your phone’s home screen. Tap on Apps, choose and tap Spotify, and tap on the Storage and Cache tab. Finally, tap the Clear Cache garbage bin icon to clear unnecessary files that may be causing Spotify to play random songs.

4.      Other users that use your account – Deny access to anyone adding songs to your playlists with ‘Sign out everywhere.’

Do this by signing into your account on a browser. Click your profile picture and click on ‘Account.’ Scroll down to the bottom of the subsequent screen. Finally, click the ‘Sign out everywhere’ button.  

5.      From listening to random songs on other platforms – Remove access to other apps that are linked to your Spotify account.

Do this by accessing your Spotify account through a browser. Click on your Profile pic. Click ‘Account’ and click ‘Apps’ on the left-most menu on the subsequent screen. Click ‘Remove access’ on the apps that you think are responsible for playing random songs on your Spotify.

6.      Your Device is not updated – Update your Phone’s OS.

Update your Android or iOS through your phone’s ‘Settings.’ 

7.      You Use a Free Plan – Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a Spotify Premium account if it means you will be free from random songs that play.

Tap on the ‘Premium’ icon on the bottom-right portion of your Spotify app’s home screen on your phone. Tap ‘GET PREMIUM.’ Choose Plan, and how you would like to pay, follow subsequent instructions, and you will be subscribed to a Spotify Premium account.

8.      The App lacks updating – Update the Spotify App on your phone.

Go to your phone’s ‘Settings,’ and tap the gear icon on your phone’s home screen. Go to ‘Apps’ and tap Spotify. Tap ‘Update’, and you will have updated Spotify.

Is There Any Chance to Avoid Random Songs on a Free Plan?

Yes, there is. Just keep your playlists free of songs you did not choose, your account unlinked from other platforms, your Spotify app cache clear, and you will not be bothered by random songs.

Random Song Problems Have Definite Solutions

Random songs are a buzzkill to listening to your favorite playlists, but these solutions we present you are an easy escape from annoying random songs. Refer back to this list if Spotify will somehow bother you in the future. Happy listening! 

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