How Bad Is Your Spotify

‘How Bad is Your Spotify’ is an online app made by The Pudding as a satirical response to Spotify’s ‘2020 Wrapped’ – a neatly packaged, consumer-friendly review of your Spotify that had nothing but positive reinforcement about your taste in music.

If 2020 Wrapped was a Spotify bot/not-so-subtle marketing scheme by Spotify to let their paying users feel warm and fuzzy inside by telling them that their musical tastes were excellent and sound, How Bad is your Spotify is its brutal yet humorous counterpart that shreds your musical preferences to a thousand pieces regardless of what they really are. This AI app will judge everything as bad and will never think anything is good, and that is just hilarious to bits.

Sore, Much?

People who are not too secure about their music tastes and sensibilities rant about how cruel ‘How Bad is Your Spotify’ is in ragging on their listening habits not considering that the app will rag, ridicule, and humiliate your Spotify regardless of how good or bad your Spotify really is! The internet is still sore from how Spotify was roasted to an uncomfortable extent but sadly, they are missing the whole point.

The supposed sophisticated “Artificial Intelligence bot” that ‘How Bad is Your Spotify’ is, is actually just a simple algorithm that will criticize your Spotify, whoever you may be. People who miss the joke missed out on a good old time of making fun of themselves.

If you were one of the people who were hurt by this brilliant joke, then that’s on you. How and why does one take a bot that says he knows what is good through millions of “store recommendations and subreddits you’ve never heard of” seriously? We were supposed to be falling off the edges of our seats from laughing.

How Bad is Your Spotify? Tells you Exactly What Kind of Bad!

If you know how to make fun of yourself or are secure about your taste in music, then this part of the ‘How Bad is Your Spotify?’ online app has got to be the best part of this hilarity. How Bad is Your Spotify? tells you exactly what kind of bad your playlists are!

After answering a quiz of sorts that asks questions like, “You’ve been listening to a lot of Beatles lately… You okay?” to which you can only reply with a “Yeah why” or a “not really.” If you reply with a yeah why” then it sarcastically answers with a “no reason…” Choosing “not really” makes the bot mellow down to at least make you feel that you are entitled to your sorrows.

A mid 30’s, white female’s playlist might get a “romcom-music-glowstick-artisanal-coffee-shop bad” because of how much she listens to rave music, romcom OST’s and pseudo bossa instrumentals that are played at hipster coffee shops – and that is just a hoot because of how spot-on “bad” it is! We also checked Spotify music and got a “horn-section-forcing-ghetto-hustling-Latino-opera bad” and we just lost it at this point.

Keep Doing Your Thing

Not fearing and, instead, laughing with the ‘How Bad is Your Spotify?’ bot should be the main takeaway to this whole amusement. Heck, you should have a screenshot of your result as a Spotify playlist picture. And we’re sure you’d get a lot of playlist likes because of it. – Instead of focusing on the bot, try using a legitimate Spotify growth service, it will be beneficial both for you and your account growth.

Your Spotify account is for you and your enjoyment alone, and there will never be a Spotify that will be more suited for you. Rather than sulking, try to appreciate its sidesplitting brilliance.

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